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This is not by any means a secure form of communication. So keep that in mind before you use this form to communicate with us.


Members of the Revolution, memorize your contact list and encryption keys. Never write anything down. Only use disposable cell phones when making contact with your unit commanders. Don’t store any sensitive information on your personal phones and never store any information of any kind on a disposable cell phone and never use the phone for more than a week, and never use a credit or debit card to purchase the phone. Best practice is to use a disposable cell phone only once and then destroy it.

Short hard line calls from a phone booth even better.

Joining the Freedom Fighters:

You have to know one of our members and be cleared through our Cyber Command and then if you are not part of the FBI, CIA, NSA or any other law enforcement agency we may invite you to join us.

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Shop at our Store for our Official Products. Download our free new Declaration of Independence without signatures. Get people to sign it, fill it with signatures, and send it to the president, your congressman and senator, local news papers, TV and radio stations; send it and put it anywhere and everywhere it can be seen by the world.

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